Drawings & Paintings

Galdone sketched and painted from life from a very early age. Whether on outings and vacations or during the course of normal days, he was constantly looking for subjects; people, animals, plants, flowers and landscapes. He was particularly fond of incorporating dilapidated buildings and old trees into his work.
Hay Sheds 1960 by Paul Galdone
W. Haverstraw, NY by Paul Galdone
Zoo sketch by Paul Galdone
Zoo sketch by Paul Galdone
Zoo sketches, age 14. These were done in Bremen, Germany while his family was preparing to emigrate from Hungary to the United States.

Paul Galdone works on Monhegan Island, Maine

Monhegan Island, Maine


Starting in the 1930’s, Galdone started making summertime excursions to Vermont, often with his friend and fellow artist, Walter Stiner. He became a regular at Mrs. Wait’s boarding house in Londonderry and would roam the countryside sketching and painting both landscapes and portraits of local residents. He would always keep an eye out for farms that were for sale, but realizing the dream of a place of his own in Vermont would wait until the late 1960’s.

Paul Galdone and a friend in Londonderry, Vt.
Paul Galdone draws Daphne Foster
Drawing neighbor Daphne Foster in New City, N.Y., in the late 1940ʼs.

Paul Galdone at the Tunbridge Fair
Cow barn at the Tunbridge Fair in Tunbridge, Vt., in the 1980ʼs. (John Fago photograph)

Life Wash by Paul Galdone
Radishes by Paul Galdone